I'm sure that everybody knows the story of this novel. There are movies and tv shows, the latest one was made in 2005. Anyway I'll try to tell the story of this fantastic novel.

We are introduced to the Bennets at the begining, Mr and Ms Bennet, and their five doughters. Mr Bennet is a bookworm, Ms Bennet is a woman that lacks quite a lot in social graces and her main concern is family fortunes and her five doughters. Lydia, who is the youngest is like her mother. Jane, the oldest is king hearted and proper, Elizabeth, the second born, and the heorine of the book, takes after her father, his keen wit and sarcasm. Kitty, the forth child tries to imitate her youngest sister Lydia and Mary is the most plain Bennet sister, and preferes read and play the instrument badly.

Anyway the novel begins with Mr Bingley, a wealthy, young bachelor moving to Netherfield park, making him Bennet's neighbour. While Mr Bingley is quite well receved, his friend, Mr Darcy is not really, because he apears proud and at the ball they attend, he says he detest dancing and is not much for conversation. Mr Bingley notices Jane quote soon and it becomes apparent that they like each other, but Jane admits this only to Lizzie. In contrast, Mr Darcy has the oposite effect on Elizabeth, and thinks badly of her, after he hears her joking.

When Jane goes visit Mr Bingley's sister, Caroline, Jane get caught in a heavy downpour and catches a cold, which forces her to stay at the Bingley's estate for few days. When Elizabeth comes to visit her to nurse her to helth, she is quite frequently in Mr Darcy's company, who actually begins act less coldly towards her.

Next thing that happens is the visit of Mr Collins, a clargy man, who comes to visit the Bennets. Mr Bennet and Elizabeth are quite amused with the way Mr Collins sings odes to his employer, the noble Lady Catherine de Bourg, they are also amused with how Mr Collins is full of himself. Elizabeth is less amused with the fact that she finds out that he came to take one of them as his wife, especialy when it looks like she is the »lucky« winner of this .

At the ball that is given at Netherfield, Mr Darcy notices that is expected from Mr Bignley and Jane to get married. This is also the time when Elizabeth meets Mr Wickham, who lies about Mr Darcy and fuels Lizzie's heatered of the man. While the following morning Mr Collins proposes to Elizabeth, who naturaly refuses, he quite soon gets over it and proposes to Elizabeth's friend, Charlotte, who actually accepts it. This is also the time when the Bingleys and Darcy leave Netherfield, and Elizabeth is convinced it's Mr Darcy's and Caroline's way of dividing Jane and Mr Bingley.

We arrive to the spring, when Elizabeth visits Charlotte and Mr Collins, and then she is invited to the Rosings, where Lady Catherine de Bourgh lives (she is Darcy's aunt), and when she visits, there is also Darcy. She meets also Colonel Fitzwilliam, who actually makes her convinctions of Darcy dividing Jane and Bingley acrutate, telling her about it. She now hates him, but he on the other hand proposes to her, and she refuses. Finally understanding what he's done, he writes a long letter explaining the whole orderal about Mr Wickham, who tried to use his younger sister Georgiana to come to the money and ruin her reputation, aside he admits his errors when it comes to Jane and Bingley. And here is also the moment when Elizabeth is forced to admit the truth, and how she misjudged him.

Months later Elizabeth goes with her uncle and aunt Grandiner to visit Pemberley, Darcy's domain, while thinking he wasn't there. But he unexpectedly returns and they meet. He acts quite diferently, gracious and welcoming, and treats her aunt and uncle with great regard. He also introduces Elizabet to his sister, and during this time she begins to realize her attraction to him. But unfortunatly their new reaquintance is cut sort, because she gets a letter from Jane that Lydia has run away with Mr Wickham. Elizabeth together with Grandiners return Longourn, while Lizzie is sad about the fact that thanks to her sister, now her renewed acquitance with Mr Darcy will come to an end.

Lydia and Wickham are soon find and they are married. Before going where Wickham's new job will start, they stop at Longbourne, and Lydia let's slip that Mr Darcy was at the wedding, and that it should have been a secret. Elizabeth asks her aunt about it, and she tells her that actually it's thanks to Darcy if Lydia is now married and not in ruin. She is shocked but can't think much about the topic, because Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy come to visit them, and Mr Bingley finally asks Jane to marry him.

Towards the end Lady Cathrine de Bourg comes to tell Elizabeth that she can't marry Darcy and if they aren't engaged to never accept his proposal... Lizzie refuses. Lady Cathrine makes another error, she informs her nephew about and first thing he does is going to visit Bingley to be able to see Elizabeth. The two admit their love, he proposes again and this time Elizabeth accepts.