Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet is the protagonist of the novel. The reader sees the unfolding plot and the other characters mostly from her viewpoint. The second of the Bennet daughters, she is 20 years old and is intelligent, lively, attractive and witty but with a tendency to judge on first impression (the "prejudice" of the title) and perhaps to be a little selective of the evidence upon which she bases her judgments. As the plot begins, her closest relationships are with her father; her sister, Jane; her aunt, Mrs Gardiner; and her best friend, Charlotte Lucas. As the story progresses, so does her relationship with Mr. Darcy, who belongs to a higher social class than herself. The course of Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship is ultimately decided when Darcy overcomes his pride, and Elizabeth overcomes her prejudice, leading to them both surrendering to the love they have for each other.
- Wikipedia

She is probably my favorite female character. She is strong, sarcastic, but she isn't perfect. I love the fact that while she is good looking, she isn't the flawless goddess. I love the fact that she is prejudiced, because it makes her human, makes her someone like normal people. Another thing that makes her a great character is, even if she is prejudiced, when she is given all the facts, she is prepared to admit that she misjudged and tries to learn better about that someone, finally seeing their real it.

Another thing that makes her really fun is her sarcasm and her wit. She always uses right words even when she is angry, never missing respect to people, even when telling them off. An example is her refusal at Darcy's first proposal.

She is also a character, that gives me the idea of loving fiercly and defending the ones she loves the most, at the end of the book that are Darcy, her sister Jane and her father. She loves her other sisters and her mother, but finds them sometimes quite embarasing and tries to save Darcy from to much interaction with them. She does try and help with Kitty, so she wouldn't become as Lydia and together with Jane they actually manage to do it.

Once someone earns her respect they need to be really carefull, because once lost, it can't be won again. On the other hand, if at the begining someone didn't have her respect, with the right facts and showing respect to her, it can be granted.

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy is the male protagonist of the novel. Twenty-eight years old and unmarried, Mr Darcy is also the wealthy owner of the famous family estate of Pemberley in Derbyshire, and is rumored to be worth at least ten thousand pounds a year. In 2013, this amounts to almost eight hundred thousand dollars a year, although even this calibration fails to properly demonstrate Darcy's wealth. Such an income would have put him among the 400 wealthiest families in the country.Handsome, tall, and intelligent, but rather antisocial, his aloof decorum and rectitude are seen by many as an excessive pride. He makes a poor impression on strangers, such as the landed gentry of Meryton, but is valued by those who know him well. Throughout the progression of the plot, Darcy and Elizabeth are forced to be in each other's company, causing each character to see the other in a different light. At the end of the work, both overcome their differences and judgments to fall in love with each other.
- Wikipedia

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